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About Aldo Civico

“Do you know who I am?”

I was in Colombia for my research on the armed conflict when I received this message from someone I knew to be a member of a guerrilla group.

“I don’t know your name” I replied. My eyes widened when I got the reply: I was in contact with one of the top leaders of a guerrilla group, and he agreed to meet with me.

It was the start of a relationship that eventually brought me to facilitate ceasefire negotiations in Colombia. Shuttling between Colombia, Washington DC and Cuba, I used a variety of powerful skills to perform under incredible stress, to build trust with tough people, and to understand my interlocutors’ model of the world.

“One of the most innovative leaders in the field of conflict resolution.”

James Rodriguez

With James Rodriguez

Today, I’m committed to helping people like you to master the habits and the skills I have honed in 25 years of conflict resolution around the world.

In fact, sitting down with members of terrorist groups, drug cartels, gangs as well as with world leaders and changemakers, I learned how to build trust and rapport, to influence, to deal with difficult people, all while learning how to master my own inner game.

Because of my work, Sen. George Mitchell, who mediated peace in Northern Ireland and has been a mentor to me, defined me as “one of the most innovative leaders in the field of conflict resolution.”


Authentic Leadership Generates Transformation.

In my work, I’ve learned that great leaders recognize the opportunity for a positive shift where others experience chaos.

Not only do I teach advanced courses in negotiation and conflict resolution at Columbia University in New York, but I also help celebrities, top executives, social entrepreneurs, and philanthropists  – as well as people like you – to have a clear purpose and to live their calling to the fullest, making a lasting and positive contribution to the advance of humanity.  

They call me the Leadership Whisperer.

Bill Clinton, Aldo CivicoThe great philanthropist and documentary producer Abigail Disney recognized that I am committed “to changing the paradigm of leadership and for the way we all think about power. Aldo leads not by force so much as by kindness–by whispering if you will. This is why we think of him as the Leadership Whisperer. 

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