Author: Aldo Civico

5 Ways to Deal with Political Disagreement at Dinner

Are you worried about your Thanksgiving dinner because politics might slip into the conversation and exacerbate tensions that have been mounting during the exhausting presidential campaign? In many cases, the worries are justified. A look at the thread on Twitter, and once realizes how political opinion have broken the lines of communication among family members, to the point that somewhere uninvited to Thanksgiving dinner. We are still suffering from post-election fatigue, and if tensions are simmering among family members that had opposing views about the candidates, some level of anxiety are justified. In this is your case, I want...

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15 Habits of People with Mental Toughness

Throughout my career, I had the unique opportunity to work and to serve incredibly successful individuals. Though they excel in different fields, from entertainment to sport, from business to politics, they all share a common trait: they master mental toughness. Mental toughness allowed a successful businessman to battle cancer and to overcome it. It assisted a rock star to find the spark again and to bounce back when an album sold poorly. It helped an athlete staying positive when he got injured and remaining focused when the media tried to tarnish his image. It allowed a politician to remain loyal...

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Ho’oponopono: the healing power of forgiveness.

Nelson Mandela said that not to forgive is like drinking venom and waiting for the enemy to die. Forgiveness is a powerful force. A while ago, in Bogotá, the capital of Colombia, I had dinner with the parents of a young graffiti artist, Diego Felipe Becerra, who was shot in the back and killed by a police officer. He was only 16 years old. Diego’s parents were sharing the ordeal they faced in their quest for justice, when his mother, Liliana, a small but strong woman, told me about the time when in a courtroom she came face to face with her son’s...

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A practical guide to effective goal setting.

It’s now that time of the year I’m always looking for. Over the past few years, I developed the habit of blocking out a few days to review the year that is ending and to create the year that is coming, including some powerful goal setting. Different people inspired me to do this. Blogger and travel hacking master Chris Guillebeau has a great method. I have incorporated several of his ideas in my own process. Leo Babauta also has a process that gave me great ideas. Because I trained as a Strategic Interventionist at the Tony Robbins and Cloe Madaness Institution,...

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