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03 Jul

The 7 Principles of Independence (inspired by the 4th of July celebrations)

Did you already get the BBQ and the drinks ready to celebrate 4th of July? For me, It's a bit of an hectic celebration day, as I'm preparing to travel to Colombia, while I am also reviewing the work of the copy-editor on my forthcoming book's manuscript ... but I will celebrate this historical comm ... Read More

12 Jun

3 Strategies for Effective Rapport Building

In 25 years of conflict resolution work around the world, I learned that building rapport is essential to success. I would have not be able to gain insights, understand a situation, and even influence decisions, were it not because I gained the trust of my interlocutors. And building rapport is t ... Read More

11 Mar

The Time I Messed Up During a Negotiation

We are often scared of failure. But the truth is, there is no such thing as failure. In life, there is only feedback. We learn a great deal from our mistakes. Bernard Shaw once wrote that experience is the name we give to our mistakes. I add: I have lots of experience. And for that I am grateful, ... Read More

04 Oct

About History. About Our Times

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"History: our present. Lowered into it, we listen," writes the poet Tomas Transtromer. My good friend Laura Simms, a wonderful and transformative storyteller, sent me Transtromer's poem About History. It enchanted me and it put me in a state of trance. Though written in the 1960s, I believe, the ... Read More

27 Sep

The GULD Conference in New York

It doesn't happen every day to be on a panel and have Harry Belafonte sitting in the front row, listening to you. I had this honor last Thursday at the "Grow Up Locked Down" conference. An extraordinary and unique 3-day event organized by The Gathering for Justice and her visionary executive directo ... Read More

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