Mindfulness and High Performance

Imagine confronting the challenges you encounter at work with creativity instead of with stress. How would the quality of your productivity and happiness shift?

I spent a few days with Ananda Giri, a great spiritual teacher from One World Academy in India.

I had invited him to visit Colombia for a series of seminars and workshops, including with top executives of prominent companies.

I had met Ananda Giri through Tony Robbins and last year I had attended one of his intensive 3-day seminars in Bogotá. The experience was powerful and transformative.

The teaching of Ananda and the O&O Academy is both simple and profound.

The central principle is that we only can live in two states of being; a) a suffering state or b) a beautiful state.

We live in a suffering state every time we let fear, doubt, stress, anxiety, anger, guilt take control of our life.

When we live in a suffering state...

When we are suffering, we live in a reactive mode. We become a hostage of the environment that surrounds us. It's like living on autopilot. We no longer influence the environment, but the environment influences us.

When we live in a suffering state, we give up the power we have to be aware of our thoughts and feelings. Instead,  our emotions anchored in our bodies run our lives.

This happens because of centuries of cultural and social conditioning that made it a habit of running our lives from our reptile brain, which is designed to alert us when our life is at risk.

We no longer are hunger and gatherers, living in the wild, and confronting dangerous animals. And yet, we still live in a permanent reactive state. We react to people and events in our everyday life as if our lives were at risk.

Now, we cannot avoid pain life. A disease or a loss come to us, and we are not in control of those events. We are in control (that is, we have the power) of the meaning of those circumstances; that's up to us.

We choose to suffer, every time we give to external events a disempowering meaning and when we feel victimized. 

When this is our way of life, then we make suffering our lifestyle. We inhibit to develop that part of our brain which is capable of higher states of consciousness, wisdom, love, connection, and intelligence.

That part of the brain is the mid-prefrontal cortex. That's where the potential for a "beautiful state of being" resides.

We live in a beautiful state of being when we feel harmony, unity, inner peace, intuition, clarity, creativity; that is, every time we are generative.

Now, the question is: How can we shift from a suffering state to a beautiful state of being?

It's a matter of training our brain.

That's why O&O Academy created a simple and powerful mindfulness protocol that trains the brain to activate more consistently the mid-prefrontal cortex of our brain.

This practice takes less than 15 minutes, and done daily has the power to help us live more consistently in a beautiful state of mind.

If you are interested in practicing this meditation, you can download here the guided meditation.

When I ask my clients to adopt this practice, I see great benefits in their life, such as

  • Stress reduction. My clients become more aware of the triggers and the self-induced patterns of stress. As a result, they can respond to the same stimulus more calmly.
  • Higher degrees of self-awareness. My clients begin to see the patterns of their thoughts and their emotions. They look at the meanings they give to external circumstances. As a result, they can dominate their psychology. 
  • Higher self-control. My clients observed a considerable reduction of anger bursts, better restraint, and ultimately a boost in their self-confidence in their ability to manage multiple challenges.
  • New levels of high-performance. Because they are now calmer, they also become wiser. They can pause between stimuli and reaction, and as a result, they make better decisions, which in turn results in an increase in performance and better results.

In one word, they experience more happiness.

They see and feel themselves bigger as they are. They discover their potential and turn it into a reality. They become the author of their own life.

Because when we train our brain to work from a higher level of consciousness, it's not only the quality of our results that changes; what changes is also our identity, who we are, what we do, and how we do it.

If you are ready to elevate your mind performance and to train your brain to achieve extraordinary results, don't hesitate in contacting me to explore what your best options might be.


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