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The Art of Negotiation.


A powerful storyteller, Aldo enchants audiences from beginning to end as he shares the inspiring experiences as a catalyst for change from Colombia to Mexico, from Syria to Haiti, from Italy to the United States. Drawing from his work in the field, Aldo inspires people to become outstanding leaders by building rapport and reframing conflict as an opportunity for personal and organizational growth. His message of “Stop arguing over who is right and instead explore each other’s story,” exemplifies his approach and the philosophy top mediators use to resolve the toughest problems.

Aldo summaries it like this, “In our complex and interdependent reality, leadership is a creative act. It is the ability to anticipate and to innovate. When you lead with your ears you tap into unexplored resources, you allow transformation to happen and you ascend to the next level of growth. In fact, you don’t get the life you deserve, but the life you negotiate. Thus, modeling the principles and skills of high-end negotiators, you can achieve top levels of leadership performance and be a catalyst for change.”

In recent years, Aldo has broadened his contribution globally by helping family offices, corporations, and governments to upgrade their organizational culture, to resolve their conflict, and to connect with their deepest purpose and build a lasting legacy.

He is often interviewed by mainstream media on conflict resolution topics and the U.S. Congress has invited him to share the insights he gained on the frontlines of conflict resolution. He is an author of four books; his most recent one is The Para-State: An Ethnography of Colombia’s Death Squads (University of California Press) in which he shares the experiences and the lessons he learned from dealing with armed actors.

Because of his comprehensive and engaged approach to conflict resolution and negotiation, top mediator George Mitchell called Aldo “one of the most innovate leaders in the field of conflict resolution.”

For more information, please check out Aldo’s profile at Premiere Speakers Bureau.

Upcoming Events

New York City - John Jay College, February 24, 2016, 12:30 pm

HANGING OUT WITH TERRORISTS. Lessons from the field on rapport building.

In his presentation, Aldo Civico will bring the audience with him to remote places marked by violence and conflict, and will share the stories of his work as an anthropologist and peacemaker among terrorists and human rights violators. Aldo will share some of the most valuable lessons and issues he learned by interacting with them, and highlight some of the skills that helped him to connect and build rapport with difficult people.

“Your words are a gift… The insights you are sharing are life-changing.”


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